Door Repair & Replacement

Here area few of our manufacturers and some door hardware we use on a daily basis:

  • Blocker plates: designed to prevent the manipulation and access to a lock’s bolt or latch
  • Door wraps: repairs, reinforces and protects wood or metal doors from forced entry
  • Filler Plates: Covers/fills open holes in a door
  • Weather Strip: Seals the door, preventing any outside air from coming in, and any inside air from escaping
  • Door Sweep: Seals gaps between the bottom of the door and the threshold
  • Threshold: Seals under the door as protection from summer heat, winter cold and rainwater
  • Flat Astragal: Add security and cover gaps between doors
  • Interlocking Astragal: Makes prying a door open very difficult, preventing break-ins
  • Magnetic Lock: An electromagnetic force is used to stop doors from opening, making them ideal for security
  • Magnetic Hold Open: Holds open the door during operating hours, but releases when notified of an emergency situation
  • Pivots: Used for glass aluminum doors


These are our 3 standard doors that we replace and repair:

Hollow/Insulated/Fire Rated Doors

Glass Aluminum Doors

Metal Clad

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